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Vogoscope is the only portable broadcasting gym kit you need to stream and save recordings. Get your mobile VOGOBOX kit today
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The Benefits


VogoScope is the first video streaming solution that can actually make you money; a true fundraising and marketing game-changer. You can monetise your system with sponsorships and virtual ticket sales, providing a new experience for fans that will set your organisation and your brand apart.


VogoScope is for everyone. VogoScope provides intuitive and easy-to-use coaching and training tools. These tools empower both athletes and coaches to train smarter and perform better. It also provides immediate video feedback to athletes, with live and replay views from every angle.


Vogoscope puts a new, immersive experience at fans’ fingertips. Watch in-venue or from home; after all, the best seat in the house is every seat in the house. High-quality video of all the action is conveniently controllable from an easy-to-use app. You can also share clips of the action to social media.

How VogoScope Works


A variety of ALL.IN.ONE mobile kits that include the VOGOBOX server (the brains of the system), and wired and wireless mobile cameras. Along with that, you receive WiFi terminals and tripods for recording and streaming. 

Our kits provide you with everything you need to be completely self-reliant. Our system can be set up in just a few minutes and only needs a regular power source!

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System Details

As the action unfolds, our cutting-edge cameras capture every moment, with the video streams seamlessly transmitted to the VOGOBOX server through our advanced WIFI terminals. Bringing everything together, the VOGOBOX server expertly consolidates these streams, beaming out live broadcasts in multicast mode through the WIFI terminals. From smartphones and tablets to arena screens, users can dive into the excitement in real time. Stay connected worry-free. Thanks to our patented VOGO technology, system fluidity remains unparalleled, catering to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. Your ultimate streaming experience is our guarantee.

What Can I Do With My Kit?

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Elevate your sports training sessions and competitions with synchronised cameras, unlocking a new dimension of capture possibilities and enabling the creation multiple, dynamic viewing angles.

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Rewind the feeds to relive the action, all while continuing to capture the event. Seamlessly review and analyse your preferred sequences to your heart's content.

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Utilise our exclusive technology to easily broadcast events on-site or from a distance using the VOGOSCOPE app, which is available for free download on fans' smartphones and mobile devices.

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Record & Store

Plan your event scheduling and recording strategically by using the VOGOSCOPE Cloud. Manage and add content to your database with ease, all from a logical and user-friendly interface.

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VOGOSCOPE VIRTUAL SEAT packs are now available: empower yourself to create and manage the online ticketing system that will allow you to broadcast and monetise events, and create partnerships with sponsors.

VogoScope App

If your aim is to offer an exceptional experience to all attendees, even those unable to travel, VogoScope is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Experience the VOGOSCOPE application, designed with an ergonomic and intuitive interface, and available for free download. Unlock enriched functionalities that promise a breathtaking fan experience like never before!


Who Uses VogoScope?

Looking to capture and broadcast events to your fans, whether on-site or remotely? Keen to infuse your training sessions with real-time video analysis? Achieve all this and more with a comprehensive tool for archiving and content sharing.

Introducing VOGOSCOPE: The ultimate turn-key video capture solution for live and replay broadcasting, serving sports staff, athletes, and spectators around the globe.

Sports Clubs & High Performance Centers

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