about gymstuff

About GymStuff

Established in 1990, GymStuff Limited is passionate about creating a level playing field for New Zealand athletes by bringing the best gym equipment from around the world to New Zealand.
Welcome to GymStuff Limited – New Zealand’s premier supplier of top-tier gymnastic equipment. With a deep-rooted passion for the sport, our team, led by Phil and a group of dedicated specialists, stands as proud ambassadors of GymStuff Limited. Our commitment resonates in providing you unparalleled expertise and access to the finest gymnastic equipment worldwide. As the driving force behind the formation of GymStuff Limited, we understand the essential requirements of gymnastic clubs, ensuring that only the best products make their way to your training spaces. Join us in elevating your gymnastic journey with our unmatched knowledge and exceptional equipment selection.

We do it all for you

GymStuff provides quotes for all equipment to meet your requirements.
On confirmation of your order, we will take care of the following:

  • Place your order
  • Transfer international funds
  • Collect your order from the supplier
  • Arrange International shipping to New Zealand
  • Payment of all import charges (duties, taxes, etc.)
  • Clear your order through New Zealand Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Delivery to your address in New Zealand
about gymstuff

Our Team

Founders Mike and Cheryl Ranger have had a life-long involvement in gymnastics. They have represented New Zealand at International Competitions and World Championships and have been administrators, coaches, and judges at all levels of the sport. Phil and Kerren purchased GymStuff Limited in 2017 and continue to provide world-class equipment to New Zealand athletes. While Mike and Cheryl have retired, Phil and Kerren are still able to draw on their vast experience and knowledge.

Phil Ranger
Owner & General Manager

As the Owner and General Manager of GymStuff Limited, Phil Ranger brings his extensive expertise and leadership to the team. With 15 years of experience in the financial sector, including a focus on lending, Phil’s versatile background also extends to successful team management and launching new departments. A former competitive gymnast and a sports enthusiast, Phil’s interests include soccer, where he coaches and plays. His dedicated leadership drives the growth of GymStuff Limited, offering customers an exceptional range of products.

Kerren Ranger
Co-Owner & Administrator

Kerren Ranger, Co-Owner and Administrator of GymStuff Limited, is a crucial asset with her meticulous attention to detail. She handles the intricate aspects of the business, from quotes to purchase orders and invoicing. With a B.A. from Auckland University, majoring in German, and a Diploma of Teaching, Kerren combines her academic background with her love for sports. Her diverse sporting experiences, including Trampolining, Netball, and Karate (where she achieved a black belt), contribute to her well-rounded approach at GymStuff.
mike gymnast

Mike Ranger
Founder & Gymnastics Enthusiast

Mike Ranger’s legacy at GymStuff is characterised by a profound involvement in the gymnastics realm. His roles span Club Management, Programme Development as a former Men’s Technical Committee Member, Competition Management, Coaching Mens Gymnastics from Junior to International Level, International Judging, and being an International Coach of New Zealand Teams. With extensive experience in gymnastic equipment manufacturing and notable contributions to various gymnastics committees, Mike’s expertise is deeply rooted in the sport’s evolution.

cheryl gymnastic

Cheryl Ranger
Founder & Dedicated Contributor

Cheryl Ranger’s impact on GymStuff is a testament to her extensive involvement in gymnastics. Her roles encompass Club Management and Administration, Competition Management, Programme Development as a former member of New Zealand Gymnastics General Gym Committee, Judging (Artistic and Rhythmic), Coaching Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnasts from Junior to International Levels. Cheryl’s dedication to gymnastics shines through her multi-faceted contributions that have shaped the sport’s growth.